We can't afford to let Tiffiny Mitchell take one more vote in Salem!





Dear Neighbors: No matter your party, please RECALL TIFFINY MITCHELL!  

We can’t afford Tiffiny taking another vote in Salem. Tiffiny promised to represent us.  Instead, Tiffiny supported Portland special-interest agendas who gave her campaign over HALF-MILLION DOLLARS. TIFFINY threatened our jobs, overruled citizens’ votes, and rigged elections so we couldn’t overturn bad laws: 

· Voters opposed HB2020 Cap and Trade taxes that would’ve shut down Wauna Mill jobs, raised gas prices .22 cents per gallon, and made it more expensive to heat our homes. Tiffiny voted YES. 

· Voters rejected M97 sales taxes. Tiffiny voted YES on $2.8 BILLION-DOLLARS IN NEW SALES TAXES on small businesses AND she rigged the referendum so we couldn’t vote to overturn taxes. (HB3427, SB212) 

· Voters protected the Kicker in the Constitution. Tiffiny voted to take away $108 MILLION DOLLARS of our money from next year’s Kicker Tax Rebate. (HB2975) 

· Tiffiny voted to CUT public employee PENSIONS (SB1049).

· Tiffiny voted “NO” on a PROPERTY TAX FREEZE for seniors. (HJR25) 

· Tiffiny voted against giving working-class families tax relief from student loan debt. (HB3400). 

We can’t wait another minute to protect working families. 


Sincerely, Darren Mead, Astoria                               


Click To Download the Petition

In order to get our 6,000 signatures, we need you to click the petition below and print a copy for every voter in your home.  Sign the petition and then mail it back ASAP to:

Recall Tiffiny Mitchell PAC

P.O. Box 880

Warrenton, OR 97146

We need to get the signatures turned in by December 1, 2019.