We can't afford to let Tiffiny Mitchell take one more vote in Salem!

Groups & Individual RECALL EndorsementS

Working Oregonians who live and work in HD 32 know we can't wait for Tiffiny Mitchell take any more job-killing votes.




The RECALL of State Representative Tiffiny Mitchell was endorsed by Timber Unity's Board of Directors.  


Mike Pihl, Timber Unity Association President


"As Board President for Timber Unity, I wholeheartedly agree that recalling State Representative Tiffiny Mitchell is a necessary step to stopping Cap & Trade and other harmful bills coming at us next session.  Rep. Mitchell needs to understand that we are no longer a "silent minority".  Oregonians are strong in their opposition to these kinds of laws that hurt our jobs and undermine the good work we do in our natural resource industries.  We deserve better representation, and it starts now.  I urge you to stand with us and support a recall effort." 


Jeff Leavy, #TimberUnity Founder

"We represent over 53,000 working people coming together to fight for their jobs.  Many are pissed that lawmakers blocked a statewide vote on Cap & Trade.  Most are worried about their jobs and families and their right to survive.  If we don't stand up for ourselves, no one will.  #TimberUnity is STANDING UP  and it starts by getting District 32 voters a new state rep."


Angelita Sanchez, #TimberUnity Board Member


"Cap & Trade would have put me out of business.  As a woman and a minority, my small trucking company is something I've built from the ground up.  While Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell isn't my rep, her vote next year on Cap and Trade will most certainly hurt my business.   Not only did she vote opposite of her own state Senator Betsy Johnson, who was firmly opposed to HB2020, Rep. Mitchell supports Governor Kate Brown's efforts to do Cap and Trade by Executive Order.  It's time for Tiffiny to go."