We can't afford to let Tiffiny Mitchell take one more vote in Salem!


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We need 6,000 signatures in the next 90 days so House District 32 voters can  have a representative who supports their constituents, not special interests!

Tiffiny Mitchell E-Sheet (pdf)


Why Recall Tiffiny? Why not wait until 2020?


I'm Darren Mead.  I'm a small business owner in Astoria and a proud member of  #TimberUnity. 

I'm STANDING UP to recall State Representative Tiffiny Mitchell because  if she goes back to Salem to vote in February, the pink slips caused by her Cap and Trade Tax vote will start landing BEFORE the November election. We just can't sit here and wait for the layoffs her votes will bring.

Tiffiny voted with Portland politicians and extremists for a tax that would put many of us out of business, raise gas prices by .22 cents per gallon in the first year alone, and raise our home heating costs.  Portland has enough legislators without Tiffiny serving their needs over ours. 

Our jobs are on the line.  I'm asking you to stand with me and sign the petition for a recall of Tiffiny Mitchell.  We need a representative who respects the values of what it means to live and work on the North Coast. 

Thank you.

Tiffiny Mitchell Failed Working Families!

Tiffiny voted YES on House Bill 2020, the Cap & Trade Carbon Tax


When our community said NO to HB2020, a Cap & Trade tax that would put mill workers, foresters, and truckers out of work in her community, Tiffiny voted YES on the bill.  HB 2020 will raise gas and home heating prices on working families and seniors while big corporations try to get a carve out.

Read HB 2020

Tiffiny voted to tax small businesses with Measure 97-style sales tax


In 2016, Oregon voters said NO to Measure 97 gross sales tax  by a 60% margin.  As our state rep, Tiffiny didn't listen and voted YES on HB 3427, the new $2.8 billion dollar gross sales tax. Big corporations who can shield their money out of state won't pay; local businesses get hammered.

Read HB 3427

Tiffiny voted to steal $108 million dollars of your 2019 Kicker Tax Rebate


Oregon's constitution guarantees a Kicker Tax Rebate when the state takes in more money than it estimates.  Tiffiny voted  to swipe $108 million dollars of your Kicker Tax money when she voted YES on HB 2975.  

Read HB 2975

Tiffiny voted to rig the election process so you couldn't vote on new taxes


When bipartisan taxpayer advocates filed a petition to let voters vote on the new HB 3427 sales taxes, Tiffiny voted to rig the election process by voting YES on SB 212 and HB 2164 to make it legally impossible to refer the taxes to voters for a vote.  

Read SB 212

Tiffiny voted to steal retirement benefits from public employees


Tiffiny promised she'd stand with workers and was endorsed by public employees.  But the minute she could vote on stealing their retirement, she went for it.  SB 1049 will rob workers of retirement funds and destabilize the state's pension system.

Read SB 1049

Tiffiny voted to ban kids from public schools for missing one vaccine


No matter your position on vaccines, Tiffiny sponsoring HB3063 to BAN 31,000 kids from public school for missing a vaccine is the wrong approach when many kids in our community can't afford basic healthcare.  Kids deserve a right to a public education!

read HB 3063

Tiffiny voted against a bill to freeze property taxes for senior citizens


Seniors are struggling to keep up with rising property taxes.  A bill in the legislature would have let voters vote on a Senior Property Tax Freeze.  When it came to refer this matter to the ballot, Tiffiny voted NO on HJR 25.

Read HJR 25

Tiffiny voted against letting students write off college loan debt


Tiffiny campaigned to help college students struggling with the high cost of tuition.  Not only did almost every community college and public university in Oregon RAISE TUITION this fall, Tiffiny voted NO HB 3400 to let students deduct loan interest on their tax returns.

Read HB 3400

Tiffiny voted to increase health insurance sales taxes


Tiffiny campaigned that healthcare should be affordable.   Yet she voted to increase sales taxes on healthcare premiums (HB 2010) even though the state has record tax revenues.  Big corporations like Nike and Intel don't pay this tax at all.

Read HB 2010

Tiffiny voted to make you pay a new paddle and non-motorized boats fee


Our community relies on tourism dollars, particularly from boating and fishing.  How out of touch do you have to be to pass a law that now requires a user fee to use paddle boats or other non-motorized boats?  Tiffiny voted YES on  SB 47.

Read SB 47

Tiffiny undid the will of voters who said "NO" to driver's cards (Measure 88)


In 2014, voters said NO to giving driver's cards to people who are not documented legally in the country.  Measure 88 passed in our district.  Tiffiny not only voted to give  driver's cards (HB 2015), but she voted on the bill with an Emergency Clause so you can't vote again.

Read HB 2015

Tiffiny's campaign donors are Portland-area special interests, not local voters


Tiffiny's vote record shows she's siding with Portland-area special interests over the people in her community.  It's no wonder they're throwing her $5,000 per-sponsor fundraisers outside our community as a reward for her votes. 

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